Hello!   Welcome to Shull’s Metal Fab!   We are Larry and Jane Shull.

Larry does the “metal” and Jane does the “fab”. Larry and Jane are both retired educators.  We  have combined our interests and skills into Shull’s Metal Fab.  Larry creates the Metal sculptures and Jane enjoys the Fab (fiber).  We  work together to create the fun series of Magic Wands, pendants, wine charms , and earrings.  We enjoy demonstrating these unique bubble wands at shows and via picture on our site and at shullsmetalfab.etsy.com

Larry utilizes various techniques including gas, Tig, and Mig welding in his metal sculptures.  Creating metal sculptures allows Larry to incorporate a variety of metal medias.  He is continually striving to improve his sculpture techniques and to create jigs to assist in the details of his metal work.  Larry also creates a variety of welded metal sculptures.

Larry spends his free time inventing and building things that make life more comfortable and interesting.   Larry’s accomplishments include building  his home from scratch; 2 ultralight aircrafts; a moped; machinery; and inventing tools to make home repairs more labor saving and cost efficient. During  June 2010, Larry’s Kinetic Rolling Ball Sculpture, “Play in a Round” was awarded First Place in the Craft Category for the  Art of the State: Pennsylvania 2010 at the State Museum of Pennsylvania.

Jane is inspired by the vivid colors of  wool to create felted purses, clutches, totes, and mittens utilizing 2 wool felting techniques.   One method repurposes wool clothing and blankets by shrinking, cutting, and fashioning the upcycled wool  into new items.  The second method involves knitting or crocheting items from  100%  wool yarn and then felting the item utilizing a shrinking process.

Thank you for visiting!

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