Giant Sunflowers


“Field of Colorful Flowers “Yard Sculptures- GIANT Sunflowers are AWESOME! Various sizes of steel flowers with varied finishes. Check out the beautifully colored copper Butterfly that has landed on the Giant Sunflower with its own graceful personality. This vibrant copper butterfly is colored by the heat of the torch flame.

Artistic textured finish for indoor or outdoor enjoyment.
Copper Colored Daisy stands about 5′.

This Yellow Tulip Yard Scuplture (painted) is coated with a rust inhibiting primer and painted for indoor or outdoor use and stands about 4′ high.

Stainless Steel flower with stainless steel butterfly requires no special finish. Only the rich rust-free look of stainless steel. Inside or out, stainless will retain its natural beauty for many years.

We call this metal flower “Shimmer”. It stands about 3.5′ high.

Daisy Trios